The Goods old

One of the most common phrases we hear is that our clients have been looking for a specific clock for X number of years, but they didn’t know what that style was until they came across our design! And imagine, you can actually customize that design to perfectly suit your style.

With a wide range of sizes and hundreds of design element combinations, there is a perfect clock for you. A true conversation piece that looks fabulous showcased above a fireplace, in a basement or kitchen space. Our clocks are also ideal for office and corporate settings, with custom logo engraving available.

Each clock starts with a live edge piece of locally sourced Ontario hardwood. We work with a variety of species but the most common include black walnut, maple, ash, butternut and cherry. From there, we will either leave the wood natural or add epoxy work in the form of an inlay or overlay.

Inlays can be done in a wide variety of colors including opaque, transparent and metallics. Overlays include Life’s a Beach Ocean artwork and our signature Northern Lights line done by local artist Amanda Mitchell.

Each piece of live edge wood is custom fit to a hand bent metal hoop (also made in house) for a perfectly seamless finish, sanded, numbered and oiled with a high quality, durable wax product. Number styles include laser cut wood roman numerals, arabic numbers, modern bars and bolts.

We finish off our clocks with high quality mechanisms made in the US, and have a wide range of clock hands to suit different décor styles and personal tastes.

Ready to elevate your décor game with a functional art piece? We’ve got you covered. Our timeless wall clocks are one of a kind pieces that will last for generations to come.